Bespoke IT Support

We provide the flexibility that every company requires, while still guaranteeing a top-of-the-shelf standard of service. No two companies are the same; we understand that. As such, we aim to understand and successfully provide services suited to the individual company needs. We constantly work together with vastly different companies from entirely different business sectors and industries; but the one goal that is commonly distributed between all of our customers is efficiency. We understand this and strive to provide you the most economical solutions.

We offer carefully considered solutions tailor-made to your business environment. Only you can run your own business. Through our services distractions will be minimised, allowing you to place your maximum focus on successfully achieving company goals.

With Umanix as your trusted partner and IT solution manager, you will receive a range of additional benefits from ISP to support, anti-spam solutions, website hosting, email hosting and others.

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Cloud Services

Polished software solutions and up-to-date hardware provided and supported by our team of experts specific to your needs. Our team works with our clients directly and individually to ensure the forming of a strong relationship and a clear understanding of the goals that need to be achieved. Our team will then decide how to approach the specific problem and find the best and most appropriate solution.

Moreover, we are not simply problem solvers, but also problem preventers. We consider the long-term, and every solution that we implement is both future-proof and scalable. As your business grows, our solutions will grow alongside it. Our team of experts will come in to manage, install, and update and IT issues using industry-leading hardware and software. We only recommend solutions we have personally tried and tested.

In addition to our traditional on-premise support, we also provide scalable and secure cloud solutions at an affordable cost. The solution will improve security and will be done with minimal disruption allowing for productive work to continue.

Upgraded Storage Solutions

Moving to a cloud solution will allow us to upgrade your company’s storage capacities. This adds into your flexible workplace, as you will now have a scalable solution with storage capacities that will grow to suit your company’s needs as it grows.

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Network & Infrastructure

High-performance Networks

Regardless of your company’s setup, whether it be wired or wireless, we know that security and connectivity is of great importance. We aim to provide the best solution to your networking needs and productivity desires. We will work with you to prepare a complete and bespoke network solution that remains cost-effective suits your requirements to the best of our ability.


Your company’s network infrastructure is essential to day-to-day operations. As such, server failures and network disruptions will cost both time and money, and lead to wasted resources and productivity. Our solution will ensure that servers run smoothly at all times and that the network is never disrupted. Furthermore, we ensure maximum security, reliability, and performance. And if any issues may occur, our team will be available for on-site and remote support to immediately resolve the issue.

The difficulty of maintaining servers and ensuring smooth and constant operation is regularly underestimated by IT companies. However, Umanix is skilled, experienced and well equipped to manage, identify, and solve server issues and network cuts.

We have our team of experts available for your server needs; whether it is to maintain, update, or install new servers, they have the skills and knowledge to do so. Additionally, they will identify the best server solutions for your company and recommend the best approach to take forward whilst considering your company’s size, goals, budget, and potential growth. Once that is taken care of, our team will work to provide the chosen server solution as seamlessly as possible.

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Email Support

Our email solutions provide confidential and instant communication. The email support that we provide is designed to optimise collaboration and keep information secure. Though email may seem like a simple thing and the least of a company’s worries, this mentality often leads to it becoming a company’s weakest link.

Be in control of your inbox. With our anti-spam solutions, we prevent time, money, and resources from being wasted. Spam is a major issue for every company; and the larger the company, the larger the issue becomes. Spam can account for more than 50% of the emails received and can cost up to R10 000 per year per employee due to time wasted with dealing and deleting spam.

When we integrate our anti-spam solutions, your company’s productivity will increase and employees will no longer have to waste time with spam, leading to an improved workplace efficiency.

Umanix’s anti-spam solution is designed to greatly minimise spam. If you are having an issue with spam and are unable to regain control of your inbox, Umanix will solve your problem.

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Backup & Data Recovery

We provide backup and data recovery solutions in case the lights go out; you will know and trust that your data is safe regardless of the problem scenario. Our backup and recovery solutions protect your data from server failures and human errors. Moreover, this solution will also ensure that your company can continue its operations even if the servers are out of action for some time.