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At Umanix, we use IT technologies to provide a complete, integrated solution that is customised to your particular business model

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Your IT Solutions Partner

We are an interactive agency that works with you to establish or improve your IT infrastructure.

We have been proudly working with businesses since 2013 and have successfully enhanced our reputation through a flexible and professional approach that delivers results.

With a focus on business-to-business solutions, it is important for us to understand how our clients serve their customers. By doing so, we help clients save time and money by improving their processes; this aids them in becoming more profitable.

When experiencing some downtime, you can speak directly to the technical team; and when installing a server, you can contact our the engineering team; we ensure that all actions and solutions are acted on promptly and professionally, without having to go through a support centre agent.

Our goal is to integrate with your business and become an additional IT and Web department that seamlessly operates as part of your core business.

In addition to our fully certified commercial product library, our solutions in the development and utilisation of web and mobile applications is in great demand.

Our tailored approach is specifically engineered to provide our clients with the best-suited functionality at minimum cost.

Whether it’s network support, website support, server hosting, or automated backups – regardless of the requirements – we have always delivered on time and on budget, and will continue to do so.

Values we live by

Full support for every aspect of your Network infrastructure